Correspondence is an epistolary and visual exchange project between families or individuals living in the cities of Dieppe and Newhaven. During the course of the residency Clarisse d’Arcimoles acted as a bridge between the two littorals and their inhabitants.

‘Building connections between the two shores and make people confront the unknown was a challenging task, I first gave out stamped addressed envelops to locals I met and formed pen-pals couples encouraging the emergence of unexpected relationships between families or individuals that could somehow be connected. By triggering these exchanges between senders and receivers, I playfully explored human interactions and slowly created a quite intimate bond between strangers and myself.’

During her different journeys exploring the two seaside towns mirroring each other, Clarisse d’Arcimoles questioned the notion of borders and naturally connected them visually as one territory. She collected archives and ephemera but also produced a series of photographs emerging from the playful situations she orchestrated.

To continue the epistolary bridge created across the sea, a series of blank postcards will be displayed inviting the viewer to connect with his neighbour.